Thank you, my friend, for your helpful tips. I spent some time googling and learning today. Last time I played around with html and CSS codes dated back 6 or 7 years ago!

By now, it is obvious I did a change of blogskin. I just can't shake off my love for lavender/light green combination. I will leave this on for a few days to see if it'd grow on me I change my mind...I need my green and lavender! How does it look? A few tweaks have been done to it so I hope it doesn't feel too out-of-place.

Most obvious of all, a transformation from a 2-columns to a 3-columns skin. Nothing much new to this layout; it definitely shortens scrolling to the bottom and has a cleaner appeal.

I selected 7 displayed posts to a page.

The spaces between the main posting column and the two side bars (left and right respectively) have been widen. It's easier on the eyes when there's a little space in between. Plus, I rearranged and eliminated some page elements on the side bars.

Column Borders have been added, for cosmetic effect, to define both sidebars better. This makes reading better with more defined space, I hope.

Well, nothing much more I think. It's really tough to maintain a minimal feel to this blog as I expand more inspiring links to input. Not sharing these links seems a little selfish, not sharing others' links seems to be a little under-appreciative of the knowledge I learnt from others.

I'm quite proud of this. I know you see nothing much of it but being the IT retard that I am, it's not easy since I have been out of touch with HTML or CSS codes for so long.

3 encouragements:

Makita said...

I love it! The color scheme is great!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your tips!! I am having trouble adding wallpaper to background. Blogger is not taking it after I added respective css codes and uploaded img to my blog. Any idea?

Makita said...

I think your skills have surpassed my own. I have no clue where to begin. I've been wanting to change the banner of my pre-made template - hoping I can do at least that! :)

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