Dudley's Bookshop Cafe

...my favorite place to hang out--is closing its door forever!

Many of us are sadden by the threat. Instead of mourning, many of us are pulling together to save Dudley's.

Here is a letter from a friend that says it all what Dudley's all about:
I’m writing on behalf of the way things ought to be. I’m writing on behalf of why I live in Bend. I’m writing on behalf of what we talk about when we talk about community.
One of downtown Bend’s most precious, humane, and resourceful resources – Dudley’s Bookshop CafĂ© - is perilously close to closing – for ever. This place where books (Books!) are cheap, music is free, readings are plentiful, where couches are soft and coffee is strong, and where everyone is welcome whether they buy a
book or not – this place is on the brink.
I know, I know – lots of businesses and lots of individuals are on the brink, scraping by, barely making it, not making it. So why am I willing to put my own money up to try and keep Dudley’s open? Because Dudley’s is possibly the downtown area’s most important business. It’s more than retail – it’s a resource. You go
to Dudley’s to meet and talk with friends, drink a cup of tea or coffee, meet with your book group, find a used copy of a book someone recommended, listen to local gossip, sit and stare. It’s the Village Commons if Bend has one. It’s a community space, as much as any space in town.
So, here’s what I’m proposing – I’ll chip in one tenth of Dudley’s rent for the coming month – I’ll tithe, in other words. Are there nine other tithers out there? Or 18 others who would pay one-twentieth of the rent bill? Or 100 who could slide a ten dollar bill out of their pocketbook?
Don’t be shy. Step up if you can. Or do you have a better idea than mine for keeping Dudley’s open? Let’s hear it.
Support Dudley’s, support community, support the best of Bend! Go there and buy a book, buy a coffee, use this resource or lose it. And pass the word!
If you have any sort of contribution, money or ideas or anything else, let me know – let everyone know. And pass the word.

Thanks for reading this,
John Martin

If you are a patron (local or live out-of-town,) do stop by and show Terri and Neil that you care and appreciate all that they have shared and built such dynamic community!

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

(one who still doesn't do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt...)

2 encouragements:

Anonymous said...

While Dudley's may be soft and fuzzy, quaint and comfortable.... it is *not* profitable. Soft couches don't pay rent. Chatting with your friends at their establishment won't pay the rent.

Having a solid business plan pays the rent, the employees, the overhead and (hopefully) the owners.

While they have built an inviting atmosphere, they have also built a money-pit.

Supply and demand dictate which businesses will survive, and which will go by the wayside such as Dudley's.

Anonymous said...

I did not like this place, staff is real mean, and its a money pit for them to take your money. iv heard em say i wish the visitors would buy something instead of checking this place out and leaving. This place is very unprofessional and poor management. i dont recommend this place to anyone. thumbs down for this place.

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