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Catch an eyeful of what's happening in The PoetHouse Art today with this divergent, euphonious displays

The PoetHouse Art, located on 55 NW Minnesota in downtown Bend--above the wine shop--is a Non-Profit art studio and gallery with 10 Resident Artists and a number of Member Artists. The space is very unique because it is both a gallery and studio--literally split right down the middle--you get to see into both worlds.

Tymon Emch, the founder of the community-based learning cooperative with classes, has been working on an educational project for a while now. CADA|CASA (community, academics, sports, arts) is an organization that helps connect those who want to teach with those who want to learn. He aims to bring unique, creative, inspired art classes to middle/high school students--also for elementary and below--with available time for one-on-one mentor-ship; starting February 8, 2010 for 6 weeks. These weekly classes are taught by PoetHouse resident artists, all of whom live and practice the medium they passionately wish to share and help young people who might not have the opportunity to discover the world of art.

My younger daughter will be studying
Silkscreen and t-shirt Design

Creative Puppets

Registration is open now at Maybe we'll see you there.

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating!)

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