1st Day Back in School since Kindergarten

...not so fast. We are still homeschooling. DD#1 is only enrolling in Advanced Band. The first day of school is special. It is the first official send off for my child to school and quite possibly the return of normalcy for me--who am I kidding?

Little advice to the 8th graders:
Be open, polite, and nice. If you're funny, you're gold! Don't let boys take your focus away from school work! Seeing friends can make the first day a good one (thanks Erica for being there for my daughter.) You sure can make the day special by wearing an outfit you like.

It's time to pick the kids up...YIKES!!!!! I couldn't even get close to the parking lot. DD#1 ended up meeting me on the main street and we had to detour out of this mess. How do all other moms do it and so well?

Where did the day go? I have been working on getting these two photos from early loaded and somehow it has taken me 'til the very last minute to get it done. DD#2 decided to be in the band this year. The other two started Campfire. Honestly, everyone was thrilled to be starting back up again. I am grateful that my kids enjoy their activities.

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

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Anonymous said...

How are you!
I would like to said Hi,I just viist your blog and read about "1st Day Back in School" next year My Baby will go to school should not easy for me to manage.hope it will be ok.

Ps.We (My Baby and I) went to Loas last weekend we have picture to share .

Have a nice day

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