The Simple Things in Life

Deschutes County has so much activities in the summer months and we have enjoyed taking advantage of some of them. Today, my friend Kristin and I squeezed in a block of time and spun with a few inspiring spinners in Sunriver Summer Craft Market while our boys played games in the mall together.

Later, we met up with hubbies and Kristin's dad down at Drake Park to hear live music by my favorite band Mystic River. As I sat and watched the people, I was so touched by some of the scenes I saw...dads dancing with their little girls, hubbies slow or line-dancing with their wives, people scattering and leaving when icy rain drops began to downpour following thunders and lightnings, kids of all ages dancing, running, and playing in the way that only kids can/would do freely. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I thought it was beautiful.

I hear so much negative about our world and, the state it is in, sometimes it can be scary to imagine my angels growing up in it. Then I sit and watch people on a night like tonight and remember...people can still enjoy the simple things in life and love and enjoy each other. It put a smile on my face and made my heart sing along with the great music. Thank you, Lord, for the gentle reminder--All Things Are Beautiful.

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John Holt
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