Central Oregon's Junior Bach Festival - First Round

Remember this posted months ago? After 4-month study as beginner flautist, our 12-year-old decided to try hand at the Junior Bach Festival with no expectation, but longing for the invaluable and thrilling solo experience in an auditorium.

The sound of music by Johann Sebastian Bach and other composers of the baroque period resonated from COCC Hitchcock Auditorium yesterday as music students showed off their talents.

Competing in the Central Oregon District of the Music Teachers' Association of Oregon's Junior Bach Festival, about 60 musicians ages 6 to 18 took turns performing on piano, flute, and vocal for an appreciative audience and attentive adjudicators. I was especially impressed by the skills of the performers and quality of the music. Judging was based on presentation, style, poise and tone. (Please bear with me momentarily while I resolve some technical challenges in video editing...)

It's not surprising to me that top contenders for the first round of the competition are homeschoolers:

A hugh surprise however was my daughter awarded the alternate winner. Since the top flutist, Caela Mitchell, won't compete at next round on Saturday, February 21, a spot in the second round is hence open to my daughter. Her participation and hard work is fostered by her self-motivation and perfectionist tendencies. Thank you, sweet pea, for a beautiful performance. I am happy that you simply enjoyed the entertaining experience with a joyous heart. May you travel a life with unbridled joy and resonate with richness in heavenly harmonies.


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Makita said...

Awesome! Awesome! Way to go! Beautiful piece. Beautifully played. :D

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