Fantasy Haven at Petersen's Rock Garden

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Headed south on Route 97 to Petersen's Rock Gardens, off the road to the right a mile or so...suddenly we, COOL families, arrived at the garden. It's a little bit hard to find--just look for a patch of bright blue Oregonian sky above--and don't miss the fluorescent rock display in the museum.

Internationally famous and visited by people from almost every country in the world, this incredible landscaped garden; well-maintained by the family--started in 1935--is a testament to dedication and fruits of one Danish immigrant's labors, Rasmus Petersen, who came to America in 1906, at the age of seventeen. As scenic attractions go, the garden is small, nestled away in 10 miles SW of Redmond, a fast growing town in Central Oregon.

The late Petersen--a friendly man, hard working, and interested in community affairs--paid homage to America with his feverish folk art constructions of stone and glass, including an Independence Hall and a phosphorescent tribute to democracy. The bronze plaque below his Statue of Liberty holding a light bulb torch reads: Enjoy Yourself--It Is Later Than You Think.

Almost all the rocks--petrified wood, Oregon agate, jasper, thundereggs, malachite, lava, and obsidian--used here to cover four acres with castles, ponds and bridges came from within a 85-mile radius of the garden. Evidence of his love and respect for God and his adopted country is seen in the numbers of miniature churches, the flag of the United States, and the magnificent Statue of Liberty, which a sculptor carved from a local boulder.

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Glad we came. It was a delightful educational excursion to send off the short-lived summer. I'm amazed by this one man's talent, handiwork, and ambition. As my 7-year-old says Totally Awesome, Dude!


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