Mowing for Cookies...NOT!

If you obey all the rules
You miss all the fun.~~Katharine Hepburn

Most kids get a job over the Summer--lawn mowing tends to be a popular one. But with rising gas prices, the luxury of working outdoors and setting your own rate is getting expensive. Have your landscaping maintenance cost gone up in recent months? Just curious...

WOWSERS! Our amiable 12-year-old has landed her first job on Saturday, July 5...

Anyhoo, training on the job went...ahhhh...

left ample room for renegotiating her compensation. $2.25 just doesn't cut it (no pun intended!)



Hubby, a rain-or-shine kind of guy, would mow in a downpour. I have come to understand that the structure of the universe will tilt and the planet will orbit in reverse, if lawn mowing doesn't happen every week, without fail. Hubby is one dependable guy who wants to get the job done. Ooooh, how I miss him around here.


3 encouragements:

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

So, does your daughter enjoy her new job?

justjuls said...

Ha ha -
Our universe tilts if you look down in the grass and can see your own feet. My husband hates mowing and does it as infrequently as possible. It is one of my pet peeves!

Stephanie said...

Hey Sarah, just stopping by to catch up with you. The RSS feed brings up your knitting blog so I never know when you update this one.

My son just turned 13 and he is mowing our lawn and he does the neighbors front yard for $10.

Loved looking at all of the pictures you ave posted :)

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